Has anyone ever done this???

Ok... so this afternoon I left the office for an appointment and as usual I am running late. I try my damndest to be on time for everything. Promptness is one pet peeve of mine. If you are late, bad impression! So I need to keep that in mind while my phone is ringing off the hook while I am trying to gather my belongings. I just need to tell myself, let it go to voicemail Melissa... You can always return the call.... I then hate voicemails because you are always taking two steps back. I am on the phone today for 3 minutes and got 2 voicemails!! GRRRRR!!! That is a good day too! As usual I digress.... I leave and proceed to "jet" to my location! I park and get there with one minute to spare! Whew!

I walk into the office building and press the elevator button, walk in and am sitting there for at least 5 minutes thinking to myself, how long does it take to get to the 5th floor? These elevators are normally fast. So after thinking that I look down to the floor panel... I FORGOT TO PRESS THE BUTTON! What a moron! I felt even worse because there is a video camera in there!! Happy Friday to me!!!