"Taking" someone else's memories...

Ok, so last night I get a call from a good family friend of mine whom I will call "Joe". It was weird because I had been thinking of him the entire day. And our intuition brought us together in the evening...

So the telephone rings and right away I know who it is, hence Caller ID. I have to hand the phone off to the other half as I have laundry to do, yippee! So, it's finally my turn and whenever I talk to "Joe" I cry on the inside. You see, "Joe" is dying of cancer and we are in the minority about this terrible news. "Joe's" wife has had a terrible workman's compensation case where a patient at the hospital she worked at essentially attacked her and she has been out of work for over 2 years now with multiple neck surgeries. So "Joe" is trying to nurse her back to 100% before he breaks the news to her that he is indeed dying. He wants to make sure that she is taken care of before he departs this world. He doesn't want to stress her out with his illness. He continues to work everyday through the pain to maintain income for their family. He said he comes home everyday in such pain, but I know the blood, sweat and tears are all good ones. The fact that he is hanging in there and trying to hold back the pain is commendable. "Joe's" wife is very lucky to have him.

"Joe" used to a Marine and is one of the toughest men that I know. But on the flip side, the most emotional man I have met. He can let his guard down and share things with me that I will never forget. "Joe" is like a father to me, in fact I wanted my mother to remarry for the 3rd time to him. I have kept in touch with him for over 7 years now. I would love to call him "Dad", because he's the next best thing. As a result of this emotional attachment, I tell him I am not ready to let you go yet... I know how to face death and it happens to all of us every day. But why must the "good" ones be taken so soon.

"Joe" told me that he wants to "hang on" until he sees his daughter again that lives in
. He has that made up in his mind. He also promised us a visit before he passes... If that doesn't happen; I will know that their intentions were good enough for me. I would never hold a grudge against him for that.

While visiting him in May we had a great time with him and his wife. We went to Door County Winery bought some more wine. YUM! It had been over 8 years since I had been there, so I stocked up! Actually drank a whole bottle of the Blackberry Merlot... We also went to Lambeau Field
which I have mentioned about in previous posts, and then lastly we went to this nice art studio where I always pick up something every time I am there because the art is exquisite.

So as I totally digress, "Joe" collects pieces from John Perry- Link 1 and John Perry- Link 2. To elaborate a bit more... the base of his pieces are made of PellucideTM, a durable resin compound developed by John Perry. And then he adds wildlife in their beauty as a sculpture.

Well after collecting these pieces for years, his intent on the phone was to sell the collection because "Joe" said what is my wife going to do with these after I leave? I said look at them and admire you... Well he wants to sell us his entire collection for a very small fraction of what they are worth. From what we understand is collection is the most extensive and with John Perry's signature plate that he got on a whim makes it worth all the more... So after all this I am at a quandary... Do I accept his offer to purchase his collection so I can look at it and think of him or do I deny the offer and let the bidding begin on eBay? Would the recipient of his collection look at it the same way I would? Would they take care of them? Will I be able to handle having a piece of him after he dies? These are all things I have to consider... And I have until Sunday. I have a feeling I will say yes, but I know if I say no, I will live to regret it in the future. I guess I am at an emotional battel with myself now wanting to make sure that I do indeed, do the right thing. If there is a right thing to do...

**"Joe", if you are reading this... I love you!