Ok... It is 2005 and I am still trying to figure out the whole point of an iPod. I may be stuck under a rock or something, but hey I am at least honest enough to admit it!! I have friends who have this thing and I just don't know what the hell the point is...

I remember 45's and 8-tracks.... I still can't give up my CD's. Hell in the last few months I have got 5 of them, which would have got me about halfway to purchasing an iPod.

So what do these things do for $200 - $300?? Do they make dinner for you? Do they clean your house? That's a lot of money to spend before you even have one song on there!!! Last Christmas I was at Sam's Club doing some shopping and I saw a couple purchase two of these things for their children for Christmas! I want that Santa to come to my house!!! Their bill totalled around $850!! For two freaking iPods!!! (Now that was including tax...)

Call me crazy or old fashioned, I guess I am, but I just don't understand!