Miss Manners

I know nothing about the above book, just thought it was appropriate. Guess I don't even need to buy it!!

The other day at dinner I did the gregarious belch. What?! It was good food that I made, for a change, and I was proud of myself. I made my fair share of dinners for the month... The society we live in... I swear!

Before I even have more than a split second to think, the following conversation takes place...

Let me state the obvious here... (M= mom and D= daughter)

M- Belch!

D- Excuse you mommy!!

M- Thank you Em, my daughter's nick name.

D- Your welcome!

M- Can you give mommy the chance to say it next time?

D- Yes.

M- Thank you.

D- Your welcome.

As a parent I am a huge stickler about manners. It is very important that our children today respect their elders. I guess I have done a good job teaching my child as she now recognizes that you must excuse yourself... And, I must add... the bathroom is NO exception!

What a great compliment!