A "what" car??

Yesterday while driving I am rushed as usual... I had to go 4 different places within an hour before heading to the movie theatre to see Narnia.

The entire time I am going on and on about being so busy during my vacation that I haven't had a chance to relax, blah, blah, blah... Em and I are out and about and out of nowhere she says something about the Chevrolet Malibu in front of me... Now mind you I knew what sex was "supposed" to be driving, but she says out loud that guy is driving a CHICK CAR!

What a waste of a perfectly good El Camino!! But thought it looked good!

Now as a business person who used to work in the automotive industry I know what vehicles are used most for business purposes and an approximate ratio of Domestic vehicles that are driven for this purpose. The Malibu is one of them... So the guy was a bit young, yes... But I almost pissed my pants laughing. I have never talked about Chick Cars, ever... as I am a chick, but of course! So my 4 year old again is proving that is wise beyond her years!

Here's my top 10 for chick cars...

10. Pontiac Sunfire

9. Mitsubishi Eclipse

8. Chevrolet Aveo

7. Volkswagen Cabriolet-- I wanted one of these!!

6. Mazda Miata

5. Ford Escape

4. Ford Focus

3. Chrysler Sebring

2. Pontiac Vibe

1. Volkswagen Bug - *bleh*