My very first attempt at a movie review...

Well... I followed the bandwagon and finally saw Narnia. What a great movie. I cried as usual! I cry everytime I see Pretty Woman or The Lion King! I am such a sap! And the funny thing is the movies never change, so I know what is going to happen!

I had seen things on television noting how Narnia was similar to the Passion of the Christ directed by Mel Gibson for children and to be honest I was skeptical about it. But after seeing Narnia I see how some of the characters portrayed certian parts of biblical times. I was rather impressed how it wasn't very preechy, if that's a word... The undertones made the movie and really made you think. For example the devil was portrayed as a woman and the ice castle in the back of the poster... Meaning hell freezing over... That type of thing.

My four-year-old daughter encouraged me to see the movie and I am glad she did. She said the movie was awesome and mom agrees, but from a different level! There were a few parts that were a bit scary even for me like things jumping out of no where... but who doesn't jump for that stuff!!! And what a perfect time of year to come out than Christmas! When you are supposed to be thankful and appreciative of your family and friends.

*On a side note... I think Disney is trying to redeem themselves for losing their contract with Pixar a year or so ago... I think with the Narnia series it will do just that. It seems as if they are getting away from animation for a bit though and concentrating on "real life actors", if you will.