What happened to customer service???

As an American this past week I have noticed first hand how all of "our" jobs have gone overseas... I have had to call two different places for help and have ended up in the Middle East, India and the Philippines... Thankfully the Philippinos are the only people I could understand... I do understand that corporations must hire people that in the end will save them money. We all have a bottom line that has to be met. But when you have a breakdown in communication to where you want to move your business... That's bad. You poor people working overseas for like a dollar an hour...

This week I had issues with my XM Radio... I won't get into specifics, but they decided to give me the shaft. Great!! My favourite thing!!! Bend over Mrs. JTL!! We know you like it!! And just because you like it so much we will give it to you again for good measure! After trying to get answers from a zillion people, I finally was able to speak to a nice gentleman in Atlanta, Georgia AKA the MOTHERLAND! I was so happy while talking to him I could barely talk! I was joking around with him and it sounded like he couldn't catch his breath! Ahh... The humour of being pissed off!! He helped me out a lot and gave me a months worth of free service for my time for being on the phone which was 6 times in 3 days... Time is money and when I am on the phone effing around with you dipshits I am not getting anywhere! It's always good to threaten to leave and go to Sirius too!!

Next issue was with Amazon.com or Santa's workshop supposedly... Well I placed an order on the 17th and was promised delivery by today the 23rd of all items... I received two boxes with one item in each box. The remaining items ended up being lost in transit from the pick up to who knows where... After calling over 6 hours to Amazon.com's unlisted 800# that I found I was told the package had been lost. Oh great! Now I need to schlep my ass out in the cold to the psycho last minute Christmas shopping wolves?? Are you crazy?? I was so upset I was in tears. I told the girl I was talking to in Vancouver that I have been buying stuff from Amazon.com for nearly 6 years and all I get is an apology?? She's like I can offer you $25 for the inconvenience... Well that's not too bad... So I take it. Then I realize that they charge my debit card twice for the same thing that ended up MIA! So, now I am going to spend 3 times what I wanted to spend for Christmas. Thanks an effing lot! Just so you all know... I am made of money and I have found that secret money tree in my backyard. Y yeah, while building my house I asked the builder not to get rid of the tree... And for those who may be thinking of it... My number is unlisted!

Holiday shopping goes right through me. The rudness of people makes me absolutely insane! Then you get them behind the wheel in a vehicle... Fucking forget about it! You are signing your own death sentence. While shopping today I saw an old Chevy Camaro crashed into a light pole near the mall in an obscure position... Looked like someone ran him off of the road, which wouldn't surprise me at all. Tonight while at Wal-Mart, holy hillbillies!! There were people having family reunions in the toy department... Come'on people! Get together in your roach infested trailer homes and bullshit! I have shopping to do... I am beginning to wonder why I shop there...

There will be a post forthcoming about other interesting experience regarding Wal-Mart... Hang tight! It's pretty gross, er, funny!

Alright... I must call it an evening... I am super tired from shopping and wrapping 35 million gifts!