I Confess...

Ok, I just have been tagged by my friend CapnPlatypus or Cappy as I call him! The game is called I Confess and in all honesty it’s a pretty good game to pass on to others! Here goes nothing!!!

I Confess… that I have officially become somewhat addicted to BlogExplosion and the friends I have made there.

I Confess… I haven’t been good at returning calls to family and friends as of late.

I Confess… I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping!

I Confess… I would love to change my career.

I Confess... that I haven’t been 100% at my job for the past few months…
I Confess… that I can’t stand most of the people I work with.

I Confess… I forget to water my plants sometimes! No wonder why they look brown and sad!

I Confess… that I am totally anal about most things and when things don’t go my way inside I flip out.

I Confess… that I have tried, being the keyword, to get out of tickets. It doesn’t work…. Thankfully I am married to a police officer now!

I Confess… that I bought a calligraphy kit and tried to work on the workbook and returned it “semi-used”.

Wow… now I can say three hail Mary’s and I am washed of my confessions, I hope!

I am going to tag: Charles, Seawave, All Night, and Virtually Nicky for this… ‘Fess up!!!