CE Class

Today (which was a week ago) I sat through almost 5 hours of continuing education (CE) for my job. For me to maintain my state licensures I have to attend a predetermined amount of hours of these classes over a compliance period otherwise I will lose my license. At times it isn’t a half bad idea!!

Today my class was bout financial statements… (Cue the crickets) My meeting was about an hour from my house. SO I am on the glamourous, posh, yuppie side of Cleveland. This particular event was held at the Holiday Inn, which was a relatively nice joint. Much nicer than others I have been to… Nicely decorated for the holidays with trees, wreaths, bows and such. I walk into class and am greeted by someone whom I used to work with some time ago… He doesn’t recognize me… thankfully! He failed where I am employed and created his new “schooling” business. (Good for him) There aren’t a lot of people in class yet, as traffic gets very heavy in these parts. There is a huge well-known insurance company domiciled in the area that employees well over 20,000 people.
So… I select a seat, full crop of them. About 10 minutes later there is another wave of people. I have 2 seats to my right and 1 to my left. First one to go was to a bitchy attorney that brought everything with her except her kitchen sink! Then next a “couple” comes in and sits down. Dude is quiet, doesn’t talk. Good man! But the lady… she couldn’t stop coughing! What the fuck?!?! If you are sick don’t sit next to people!! H-E-L-L-O!!! I can’t hold my breathe for 5 hours!!! What am I supposed to do?! I am sitting on the edge of my seat wanting to move elsewhere but it’s pretty crowded and I do like my space. I am holding my hands to my face thinking that it will block her germs. I quickly realize that my hands won’t block any contaminates from this chick, just make them spread more…

Break time! Discuss business… Can’t wait until the next break!

I come back to class site down and think about what I could be doing right now other than be sitting here. But I signed up for it. It’s official. I am a glutton. I love punishment. Nothing could be worse than my class on Environmental Issues… Give me a gun already!!

After all of this… I am not getting to my point. I love setting the stage! I look over to my right and mind you there’s approximately 50 people in class. It’s colder than holy hell in the room and I am a warm-blooded person. Today I even have a sweater on! A fucking girl is knitting a scarf! A FUCKING SCARF!! Why would you pay $90 to learn something you are forced to do…to make a scarf. I could buy 100 scarves for $90! But then again… I am writing this in class! Let me cross-stitch or crochet or hell; do wood working while I am at it!

--End Rant