Without further a-do...

Well after me talking and being somewhat obsessed over blogging, my husband has lept over to the blog-side. He has created his own blog about his own life and dealings with his job as a police officer. He has done two posts within 12 hours so I think he may like it.

I told him it’s nice to have people interested in what happens in your personal/professional life and to get comments is quite cathartic. It makes you feel like a “real” person. And that your thoughts and feelings about things are actually normal. I have looked at blogging as cheap therapy. It is my daily release from my day-to-day hustle and bustle of my life. But the friendships and the contacts I have made with all of you have been priceless and I thank every one of you!!

I am going to ask that you stop by my hubby’s blog and see what he has to say… He is not very politically correct to the easily offended. I guess after having to be politically correct in his profession with the uniform on he has to let some of the frustrations go somewhere.

Thanks a bunch!!!