What the hell is wrong with "you" people????

It's no surprise that most bloggers have stat counters to track their popularity within the "community". I check mine about every other day or more to see the thought process of people. I have always enjoyed people, people watching in the airport, watching gestures of people, etc. So actually getting into the core of a persons brain for a brief second is quite entertaining.

Let me entertain you for a few moments with various entries that have got readers to my site via Google, MSN, Yahoo!, etc.

Bean People -- I wrote a post regarding my daughter and her adorable "Bean People".

Wet Her Pull Up -- I wrote about going shopping for Pull-Ups at the last minute.

Men Doing Animals -- I never wrote about this!! Who ever thinks they are going to get beastility posts on this site is sadly mistaken. Take your perverted selves elsewhere.

Knee Slapper Jokes -- I don't find myself funny, let alone funny enough to "deserve" a hit for Knee Slapper Jokes

Emerial -- Thanksgiving was Emerial inspired... We made three of his dishes!

Male Genetaila Exam -- As I have never had one of these, men keep looking. I won't be writing about that shit here.

JonBenet's Life Story -- I referred to JonBenet in a post, but I made no reference of her life story as I know nothing about it other than she was killed.

Remedies for Smelly Armpits -- I did a home remedy post, couldn't tell you waht the remedy is for this problem... Maybe Secret, Degree, Axe, Old Spice?

Funny Hot Dog Cooker -- Famous Friday Funny Post!

Sandles for Bad Feet -- I posted a picture of the god awful sandles with grapes all over them. They are BAD for your feet and even worse for my eyes!

Life Without Her -- Sorry you are living life without her? If only I knew who she was!

Never Get Home -- You didn't check your address before you left? Sorry you are lost! Try GPS next time.

Ken Smerchek -- Never heard of Ken, but if he drops by I will tell him you said hi!

Ex-boyfriend Scott -- I also never dated a Scott and never would reference an ex in this site... So carry on...

JTL Newspaper -- I have finally reached the press! Just have to be careful for plagarisim.

Chics and Trucks -- I wrote about girl cars... Chics and Trucks is awesome!

I Need A Doll That Cries Wets Giggles, Etc. -- I wrote about my daughter and her two dolls, but they don't do all of that fancy shit. Dolls are stuffed fabric with clothes.

Accidents Racine Wisconsin 2006 Drunk Driving -- Unfourtunatley, I do not know these stats. I may have been born and raised there, but can't help you there. Try MADD.

Aunt JTL -- I am Aunt JTL, yes... To three children.

Fugly Victims Truckdriver -- Any victim of a truckdriver with all due respect is fugly. You aren't going to win against a truckdriver.

Penis Plugs -- Yes, I admit I wrote about Penis Plugs. It was mostly out of shock. I couldn't believe that men actually put that "there".

Men Doing Men -- There is nothing gay here for men... Not interested in that... Next click! Hell I won't even talk about Male Strippers!

Melissa Swartz -- Swartz is not my last name. Sooo, good luck with your search!

Lil Critter Vitamins Lead -- I wrote a post about these vitamins last fall as they contain lead. Actually advised a mom who was giving them to her children daily. Glad I could be of help!

How to Blow Your Nose Like a Lady -- Once you find out, please tell me. I don't think there's a lady-like way to blow your nose. How about excuse yourself from the room. That could be helpful!

Wisconsin Gay -- For the umpteeth time!!! NO GAY STUFF ON HERE!! No offense to any of my gay friends, but I just don't write about stuff like that!! *smooches*

Penis Daughter
-- Sounds like an oxymoron to me!! Penis and daughter just don't mix! Sick-o!

Without Further Ado -- Keep going... It was a title to a post. Sorry I can't be of more help!

Difference Between a Male and a Female Tapeworm -- Who the fuck cares?!?! They are gross!!

And last but not least, my most passionate of post(s) to date for websearches is all related to Yazeed Essa.