I am back!!

Well I didn't take a lot of pictures as I didn't have the time or there wasn't anything really worth taking pictures of....

Above are 6 Thunderbirds F-16's from the United States Air Force. We missed them practicing, but got to see the Thunderbirds Museum and stood virtually on the flight line to take these pictures.

F-16 in preparation of flight

F-22 on take off... The noise these jets make is amazing!

Picture of a sunset over the mountains on Lake Mead. We went camping for two days in the desert and it was a lot of fun. We rented a boat and took it out the lake for the day. That was enjoyable, but I ended up getting first and second degree sunburn. I am still in pain, but it's getting better by the day. With me catching too much sun I chose not to go to the Canyon as being in more sun would have made things much worse.

I should be getting back into the swing of things this week... Friday I will resume Friday Funnies.