Flubber Buddies (v.7) SPECIAL EDITION

One of our local news stations, Action 19 News, featured this diet in their news broadcast the other night. It does not surprise me as they are a smut news station, much like the Enquirer or Star.
Admittedly it caught my attention, so I tuned in.

It's called the... The Ultimate Sex Diet.

During the news broadcast, they started by saying you can lose weight by having sex! Well who doesn't like having sex and you and your partner and work-out together! *Bonus* By having sex three (3) - five (5) times a week and doubling up on the weekends for 30 minutes a session you are more apt to lose weight.

I will be picking this book up at my local library to check it out! Maybe I could find some good pointers to change things up a bit!

Below is the overview on the book:

Book Description
Losing weight never felt so good!

Using advanced scientific research on the amazing exercise power of making love and on its extraordinary health benefits, research expert Kerry McCloskey reveals the secrets of using one of life's greatest pleasures to slim down, shape up, and achieve a healthier, more passionate life. After quickly losing 23 pounds on the Ultimate Sex Diet, the author used her newly stunning figure to become a model and television star.

This is your chance to discover the 29 sexiest exercises and 61 sensual treats that will make losing weight fun, easy and natural. You will also uncover the 32 passion-igniting secrets that will make your relationship closer and more romantic than you ever imagined.

From the Publisher
A ground-breaking book by a fascinating, inspiring author, Kerry McCloskey. The Ultimate Sex Diet is the most pleasurable and realistic diet and exercise program ever. Studies have revealed that 95% of those who go on today’s popular diets fail because these diets are too restrictive, too detailed and require too much sacrifice. By using the power of pleasure, McCloskey quickly lost 23 pounds and achieved her life-long dream of becoming a television star and model.

However, the book is not just a guide to the slimmer body you’ve always wanted. It is also a clear, fact-filled guide to making your romance and marriage as passionate and exciting as you have always wanted.

The experts are already raving about this plan to slim down and heat up your romance using pleasure instead of denial.

Now is your chance to finally get the slimmer body and the passionate relationship you have always dreamed about.

From the Author
"Making love," confesses author Kerry McCloskey "is the easiest, most pleasurable way to lose weight. In fact, sex is the ultimate exercise machine because it’s free, fun and has such terrific fringe benefits."

"Three years ago, I was overweight and frustrated," says McCloskey, "I had tried numerous popular diet programs and failed every time. Too much denial, too many restrictions. What finally worked was the intense lovemaking and healthier lifestyle I began during my romance with my future husband!"

"I quickly lost 23 pounds on my Love Diet and kept them off. Looking younger and slimmer than ever, I then realized my life-long dream of becoming a model and television star. Most importantly, my marriage has become stronger and more passionate than I ever imagined."

McCloskey feels her book is particularly crucial for couples. "My ‘sexercises’ keep every relationship fresh, vibrant and very, very passionate."

"Everyone should know exactly how to take advantage of the amazing health and exercise benefits of making love," recommends McCloskey, "as well as the passion-igniting secrets, the sexy exercises, and the sensual eating strategies which every relationship needs."

From the Inside Flap
Make Losing Weight a Pleasure!

This is the inspiring story of how Kerry McCloskey, a research expert, discovered the extraordinary power of the Ultimate Sex Diet. Frustrated by every diet she tried, Kerry was overjoyed to quickly lose 23 pounds and keep them off using the intense love-making and healthy lifestyle she developed during a whirlwind romance with her future husband. In fact, the Ultimate Sex Diet helped Kerry to realize her dream of becoming a successful model and television star and has made her marriage stronger and more passionate than ever.

Few Americans have been able to lose weight using today’s most popular diets. In fact, 95 percent of those who lose weight on these diets gain it right back. The reason: denying ourselves the foods we love just doesn’t work!

Forget denial! Using the most advanced scientific research on the amazing exercise power of sex and on its extraordinary health benefits, Kerry clearly shows you how to use one of life’s greatest pleasures to slim down, shape up, and achieve a happier, more romantic life. Here are the passion-igniting techniques, the sexy exercises, and the healthy eating strategies you need to get the body you want while enjoying the best sex of your life. Soon you will be telling your friends: "Losing weight never felt so good!"

About the Author
Kerry McCloskey is a director of marketing research at one of the world’s largest media companies. She is also a part-time model, actress, and writer. She graduated Dartmouth College with a degree in math and economics. She lives with her husband in New Jersey.

Excerpted from The Ultimate Sex Diet: The Super Sex Diet That Works by Kerry McCloskey. Copyright © 2004. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
I have an amazing secret. It has changed my life. It has made me healthier and happier than ever before.

At work, my coworkers do now know my secret. Not even my family or closest friends realize the truth.

My secret has made my life so much richer, and so much more fun and exciting, that I cannot keep it bottled up inside of me any longer. I’m thrilled to share my discovery with you, and I am confident it will change your life forever, too.

When I first started dating my husband, Ben, I was in the worst shape of my life. My stomach and buttocks were the flabbiest that they had ever been. I rarely exercised, and every diet fad and gimmick I tried and led to failure and frustration. Luckily, my future husband was able to overlook my "flaws." In fact, by our third date we were head over heels in love and in the midst of a whirlwind romance that was filled with wonderfully long and satisfying lovemaking. Within the first three months of dating, I lost ten pounds without even trying. I had an uncanny feeling that my increased metabolism due to our intense sexual activity played a major role in helping me slim down.