How bad does it suck when you totally run out of toliet paper 9:30 at night?

Let me tell you!!! After having the word toliet paper mentioned to me about 20 times from my wonderful daughter in one minute my mind has screamed to my bladder I HAVE TO GO NOW!!!!!! So I am sitting here with the urge to go, but I have nothing!!! So I have two options: break out the Kleenex or drip dry. I have heavily weighed my options and decided to choose what was behind door number 1, Kleenex. Drip drying is gross! Man I wish I was a male at this moment, as all I would have to do is shake 3 times and move on!

The worse part is I only have myself to blame as I forgot to go to the store knowingly that we were close to depletion. Guess my count was a bit off.

Good thing I am not an accountant!!