American Idol 2017?

I enjoy listening to all types of music. Music helps me get through moments where I am happy, sad, mad, overwhelmed. When I am stressed at work, I tune the XM Radio onto to some good classical music. When I am in my truck looking to get hyped for the day I tune to some good rock or Top 20 music all depending on the mood.

Well with my daughter in truck she listens to the same stuff I do. She likes some of the same songs I do and we are able to "rock out". It amazes me with what she actually catches onto. I mean she will hear the first few bars of a song and she then belts out, "MOM, TURN IT UP! IT'S MY SONG!" I then turn it up a bit louder, but soft enough for me to listen to what she is singing. I must say it enlightens me with the way she sings and what she catches onto in a song.

Her favourites at the moment are:

Fall Out Boy -- Sugar We are Going Down
Natasha Bedingfield -- Unwritten
James Blunt -- Beautiful
The Fray -- Over My Head
Black Eyed Peas -- My Humps (I hate this song and thank you Verizon for the commerical!)
Mary J. Blige -- Be Without You
Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean -- Hips Don't Lie
Default -- It Only Hurts
Three Days Grace -- Animal I Have Become
Switchfoot -- I Dare You (Because Chris sang it on American Idol)
Lost Prophets -- Rooftops

And this is the cutest one of them all as it's from a children's show, Little Einsteins on the Disney Channel. It is their theme song. Click here to listen. She knows this thing verbatum! It's super cute!

You now notice that she likes different stuff... Which in my opinion is good. When she's older she will figure out what she likes and hopefully it's everything!! Now I am not going to push her to become a rock star or anything... But maybe, just maybe if American Idol is still out there (which it probably won't be) she will audition!!

Her innocence in singing different songs on the top of her lungs makes me appreciate the simple moments in growing up. There is not a care in the world. Granted embarassment kicks in if I stare at her too long and admire her childhood talent. So I take in quick glances and enjoy them and savor every moment as one day she will get older and not want to do that type of thing around me.