What about your eyes??

The other day I was in my shower and while I was showering I was calling my daughters name to wake up as I was running late and had to try to save some time somehow. Finally as I am drying off she decides to wake up. I go into my bedroom to throw some clothes on when my daughter comes in and says the following...

M - Mom and D - Daughter

M - Hey doll! Morning to you!

D - Look at me.

M - I am.

D - Look at my eyes.

M - I am. What's wrong with them?

D - They are TIRED!

M- Well, obviously my eyes are tired which is why we are running late. You can take a nap in a bit.

D - But mom!! LOOK at my eyes! As she is virtually holding them open!

M - Laughing hysterically... Come'on, let's get ready for school!

It's times like these being a Mother is so rewarding!! I mean, my daughter is so witty at times it amazes me. It'd take me forever to think of something like that!!