Be careful, it *will* electrocute you!

Well to those of you out there that are parents I am sure at one point in time you have had to deal with the incontinency of a child. Mine is no different... She is potty trained by day and lazy as hell at night!

So earlier this week she ran out of Pull-Ups without telling me... So it was showtime! Either it's now or never... Well the hype turned into more laundry for mom! YEAH! The next night I forgot and same thing... Third night I reminded myself while out shopping and forgot to get the Pull-Ups on the list in red... Way to go Melissa!

So I get home from the grocery store and start freaking that I have to go back out to Wal-Mart. When I was there I had to get Pull-Ups and cat litter. I run in the store to get the Pull-Ups and see this "new and improved" kind with this blue line reminiscent to a maxi-pad of sorts built into the "underwear". This is supposed to make your child more aware that they actually pissed themselves. Ok, cool! I grab two packages of these bad boys. I then run towards the pet aisle like I am in Super Market Sweep, loved that show! I pass this older black woman and she kinda nods her head at me and I smile. Well I get to my aisle and had to wait to turn in as there was someone hogging the entire aisle... All the while I hear "What kind of Pull-Ups do you have? What kind of Pull-Ups do you have? What kind of Pull-Ups do you have?" The woman is running at me and grabs a package out of my cart and asks again... What kind of Pull-Ups do you have? Um... I dunno. The girl kind, I guess. Thinking this woman is a whack job. Then she pulls out two coupons to compare brands and the product line. So here I am thinking she wants my package or wants to know if Wal-Mart carries the particular line on the coupon. After a few seconds she says they are the same! Almost like EUREKA! She said here are two coupons; make sure you use them as you will be saving $3. I was shocked. I couldn't believe this woman offered "free money" to a stranger. I thanked her profusely as I was very appreciative of her generosity and went on my merry way.

I come home and tell Em about these new and improved Pull-Ups... It's kinda funny, but mean... So brace yourselves. I will preface this saying that my hubby and I had a conversation within the last two weeks talking about how I went to school with a chick and she had something that shocked her when she wet the bed in elementary school. Me being the jackass that I am I begin to tell Em if she wets her Pull-Up the new blue strip will shock or electrocute (can't remember) her bottom to wake her up! She took it like a brave little girl and said ok.

A few minutes later she is sitting on the stairs with her voice quivering saying I want my Pull-Ups in the box (meaning from Sam's Club), I don't like these ones. I don't want my "potty" to get hurt! I was in stitches laughing my ass off. While my hubby is saying, "Way to go! Way to scare the kid!” I thought it was funny and so did he.

So you may ask if she wet the bed/Pull-Up, whatever...? Yes... I knew it and she never said anything to me... I finally asked her today if she wet herself again and she said yes... I said well we need to try to work on it. She says ok mommy... Then she goes into about how she wasn't "electrocuted". She got the na, na, na's on me basically. That was pretty funny!

She then told me that when she wet her Pull-Up, the blue part tickled her bottom. Oh, ok... “Did that make you get up and go to the bathroom?” I ask... “No mommy, I was sleeping. I didn't wake up!”