Mom! It's the Chopper Man!!

Tonight while at dinner we went to a local Mexican restaurant... My favorite food lately. I have nothing but cravings for salsa... Pretty soon, I swear I am going to turn into a Mexican!!

Well this couple was sitting kitty-corner from us and Em and I were facing the husband or male of the couple... He looked like Paul, Sr from American Chopper. I mean they could have been twins.

During our entire dinner I had to try my hardest not to say something as I am sure he hears crap all of the time about Paul, Sr. I chose to take the stare at him mode... The funniest thing was he was drinking a margarita!! I mean can you picture the guy to your left drinking anything but a beer or a Jack Daniels or something?? This guy is seemingly pretty hard core, but a margarita?? Come'on!!

So, yet again... My daughter is hard at work with the "wheels" turning in her brain trying to embarass mom any way she can.

Kids are just wonderful!!