"A Million Little Lies" or is it Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Little Lies???

I am going to disregard my usual Friday Funny posts this week and post in the "heat" of the moment of a current event...

There has been a lot in the news about James Frey regarding his book published in 2003, A Million Little Pieces.

I followed suit about this book with the rest of America because of the notoriety it received from well respected figures on television and close friends. I asked for the book as a gift for Christmas. I really didn't want or need anything so I got the book... I started reading it the day I got it. Like everyone else I know, I couldn't put the book down. I had to fight with my innerself to put it down to cook, clean and be a parent. Yes James had a good way of drawing you in as a reader. I guess that is what they call a good writer.

When I saw some news headline on MSN.com regarding the Mr. Frey firing back at TheSmokingGun I too fell to believe that it was all a hoax and just another bullshit story... I quickly dismissed it and never thought of it again... (If it weren't for the workers at TheSmokingGun Mr. Frey would still be getting all of this sympathy, for NOTHING!)

I now, personally believe yes, that James did indeed lie to his readers... But in the real perspective of things... Does he really care? I highly doubt it. He has a best selling book and has already made his millions. His pockets are full and he is reaping the benefits of his creativeness.

Now did he dupe or mislead his readers, abso-freaking-lutely! Am I am upset about that, yes. But life goes on. Was it a good book? Yes, it was a fabulous book. I cried, I was horrified, I was laughing in certain parts of this book. I felt for this kid. I was proud that he "turned' his "so-called" life around. But really there was no life to be turned around.

A lot of me could not relate to Mr. Frey as an author... I didn't grow up in a bad neighborhood, not that he said he did. I didn't grow up with drugs or alcohol so hearing a lot of these terms were quite new to this naive Wisconsin native. I know it was around me, I just chose not to make it become around me. I did have family members who dabbled in drugs and lost a cousin at birth due to doing drugs, so I chose young in life not to succumb to the demons drugs create. I guess it took strong will, and I have absolutely no regrets.

No here's the burning question... Would I recommend this book to someone looking for a good quick book to read, of course. With the notoriety this book has received within the last 5 months who wouldn't read it out of curiosity? Oprah Winfrey promoted this as part of her Book Club selection, which is where I honestly first saw this book. I believe if Oprah didn't dedicate part of one episode announcing this book into her "club" and an episode of her employees reading this book the whole thing wouldn't have even mattered. Who would care? But since Oprah Winfrey literally stood up for this guy... She really had to redeem her credibility. I didn't watch the entire show broadcasted as her rebuttal and reprimand to Mr. Frey. In a sense he deserved it, but on the other hand, I applaud him for his diligence to get it published, but in the same token... Shame on him for lying to get the "job done".

At the end of the day... Mr. Frey won. No one else. He conned every single one of us into purchasing his book, schleping out to the library to "borrow" it just to be told it was all a lie.

I hope both his mother and father are proud of him and how he has represented the Frey name. They are all a bunch of liars and cheats...

I know my views my be a bit down the middle... but hell I am allowed that damnit! I feel as if I see both sides of the token on this one here...

And lastly... My burning question is how can you sleep at night knowing that millions feel terrible for you and your ordeal that you have made so public? How do you take the "Poor Jimmy's"??