Wasn't the best I ever had...

Today I took Em to see the Incredibles on Ice by Disney... What a crock this show was... To those parents who haven't wasted their money yet... Please don't.

We went to what I call the Gund Arena, yes it sounds like a disease, but it is certainly better than "The Q" or Quicken Loan Stadium.

Well... whenever you go to these kind of events, plan on bringing a ton of cash because it's not cheap!

I was kind of excited to see how this rendition would play out on the ice as I have seen a ton of Disney productions on the ice. This was about the worst... It really had nothing at all to do with the movie. Disney pulled all kinds of shameless plugs. It started off where the Parr's where going to Disneyland(world), whatever... OK, NOT PART OF THE ORIGINAL MOVIE! I know, because I have seen it almost a million times.

Then they end up at Disney wherever... They are chosen to be a part of the parade. Ok, fine I get that. There's about 25 parades a day at the theme parks.

Somehow they end up on this jungle type cruise and end up meeting Baloo from the Jungle Book. Yeah... that's really realistic considering those movies are 100 years apart! Then magically they appear with Alice and Wonderland... Same thing... How the hell does that freaking happen? Then after they see Balloo and Alice they come back to "reality" to The Pirates of the Caribbean! Yeah... I think we are thinking the same thing!! What the hell happened to any of the plot from the first movie?? Not to mention various other locations located within the Disney Theme parks... Tourism must be down, I swear!

Well I guess the bad guy, Syndrome, from the movie came back as a clone and that's how this new Ice program was created. Good thinking there Disney. After you gave up on your deal with Pixar, things really went to shit as far as creativity on ice goes... That's for sure.
The music choices they had were pretty bad too... I'm too Sexy by Right Said Fred, Burning Down the House by Talking Heads, Invisible by Clay Aiken to name a few... This was a kids show! You shouldn't be talking about being sexy for anything. Burning down the house?? Yeah, let's teach today's children that!! What the heck?!

So I guess that's my review for this show... From an adults point of view. I am an unhappy parent as far as content goes...

As far as my daughter enjoying it, that is an entirely different story. She LOVED IT! She shook her little toosh off. She was happy to see Cinderella, Pluto, Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie...

She's going to visit them in a few weeks, so I am sure she can't wait. And I pity the poor characters cooped up in those costumes! They are certainly going to catch an earful about her time seeing Disney on Ice today!!

Really when it does boil down to things... She really did have a good time. I may be over critical, but the parents are being dragged to see this shit after all... If only I drank beer, I swear! I was behind a guy at a concession stand who bought 2 cold ones before the show. I could have used a few to numb myself from this show. It would have been an easier pill to swallow, that's for sure.

~End rant~