My home version of Toy Story 2

For the past year or so, Em has had this doll named Jessie (after Jessie in Toy Story 2). This doll has been her life. Jesse has been by her side every waking moment and every moment in slumber. We have all the bells and whistles for this damn doll... High chair, cribs (2), strollers (2), car seat, change of clothes, bottles, cereal and socks. I relate Jessie as Woody in Toy Story 2. She is the cool toy until something better comes along.

Jessie has been through the wringer... I feel bad for this doll... She has pen marks all over the place and clear nail polish on her face and feet. Oh, and I can't forget about the three belly buttons poked in her stomach! Baby Jessie didn't have a belly button when given to her, so now she has three!!

Well, for Christmas Santa brought Em a new and improved doll, Julie. Julie is a bigger version of Jessie in a way. Jessie and Julie are sisters, but somehow Julie is the oldest. I don't get it, but we are talking about the thought process of a 4 year old here. So... Now Julie is like Buzz Lightyear. Jessie is no longer wanted. So now Jessie seems to be collecting dust while Em enjoys her new doll, Julie. I have had to beg and plea with her that Jessie does not turn into Woody from Toy Story, but... kids will do what they are going to do. I guess the movie really hit me once I saw my own child disown her "own".

Em actually told her Uncle that he could have her. That was a sad, sad moment.... This poor kid has been harassed a lot with Jessie. Crying, screaming, whining, pouting, etc... And she sold her out to her Uncle with the drop of a hat.

Here is Julie on the left and Jessie on the right... As Em said... don't they look great together??

So the moral of this story is that all of our toys we have as children and as adults are related to the Toy Story 2 movie... We all have our old toys that are replaced with the new.