Living life to the fullest...

I was having a bit of writers block until I talked to a friend of mine today... We were speaking of our spirituality and our "place" and "meaning" here on this Earth... *cue crickets*

A few months ago some of you may recall I had a really hard time turning a year older for my last birthday. Well, it's almost 4 months later and I feel as if I have been trying to live true myself and to live each and every day to the fullest.

Life isn't about the house you live in, the car(s) you drive, the salary you make, or what tangible things you have to "show" your "worth". Admittedly, I have fallen into the "let me show you this, that and the other thing" to a point. I am young, to some... I built my home at the tender age of 22 and have always felt a bit older than a lot of other people my age... Some adults don't build their own homes, ever. So I am very proud of myself.

It's what is inside of you. To show your "worth" to your peers or others surrounding you, wear a bit of you on your sleeve. Let others know who you are. Try to do one "uncomfortable" thing a day, a week, or a month. You will see different reactions from others and it could be quite rewarding. For example, if you are in management... Tell your staff thank you once and awhile. Morale will boost a bit.

I have learned to communicate about issues I have suppressed and just let build up. I have made efforts to speak calmly and rationally about them. I go to bed with a clear conscious knowing that I have spoke my peace.

have learned to set small personal goals for the short-term and larger goals for the long-term. Admittedly, no long term goals have been accomplished, but that is why they are called a long-term goal!!

I just want to make sure whenever I exit this journey called Life that I will have no regrets. I want to make sure I hug and kiss my daughter daily and constantly remind her of my love I have for her. I want to make sure that my husband knows that I appreciate him and what he has contributed to our relationship.

Learning this small valuable tool has let me be at peace with myself.

Now I beg to ask the question... How do you plan on living day to the fullest?