Hair raising experience... **UPDATED with hair pictures**

So Sunday night I decided that I was going to be the cheap S.O.B. that I am and finally highlight my hair out of a box, again.

Ok, no this isn't the color... I chose H65 Caramel! And um, yeah... the caramel LIED dammnit!

So I prepared my hair according to directions... I didn't wash it for two days, ew... But I did it. Brushed it out nice and no snarls... Put on this white cap that looks like the CHiP's motorcycle helmet minus the padding! There are a ton of dots/circles that is your guide in doing this kit....

Also in this kit you get two small crochet hooks. One is metal, the other is bigger and plastic. Rather than going with the metal one we decided to go plastic... It would pull out more hair and be less painful to the scalp. So we start poking holes and pulling hair through this cap. Somehow along the way my hair gets snarled up like no ones business. So my hubby, who was doing my hair, got the brush and started brushing my hair! WAIT!!! TIME OUT!!! Never let a man brush your hair unless you have flowing locks and you don't have some retarded cap on. So he starts brushing my hair and I yelp out in pain! Oh my god! I felt like I was in my pre-pubescent stages of life with my mother brushing my hair telling me SHUT UP!! SIT STILL!! I DON'T FEEL A THING!! I was damn near in tears within seconds. And the flashback to my childhood is still screwing with my head!

So I let him do that one whole time until he said he wanted to do it again... I snatched that brush out of his hand and said let me do it. If it hurts it's my fault and I can only yell at myself! I brush and it hurts like hell, but I muster through it... which was hell... Pure hell. Did I mention pure hell?

After sitting on my family room floor for about an hour with this pulling action, we were done. Finally... Now onto the smelly hair creme to color my hair. Hubby applies this stuff and according to my natural hair colour, what's that anymore? I couldn't tell you. Well my old natural colour is/was a crappy brown. So that's how we decided about the length of time this stuff was to stay in my hair.... 40-70 minutes! I have to keep this retarded cap on for a minimum of 40 minutes? Ok, I wait the 40 minutes and we go to the sink to rinse out my hair. Pulling the cap off of my head felt like every single strand of my hair was being removed from my scalp... Looking up at my hair with no glasses or contacts on I am reliving my past of with another hair dye product... So I am giving this moment the benefit of the doubt... We proceed with the directions. Put in the shampoo and this toner shit that was purple...

I went into the bathroom to dry my hair.... Holy mother of blonde!! This wasn't the colour I picked out!!!!!!! I picked out caramel, not Baywatch Blonde! So now as I type my hair is very, very blonde... It looks hideous. Tomorrow I go to the salon to get it fixed, amen. I am using my gift certificate to an upscale salon, Charles Scott, near my office that I will never use... I had something in mind for it, but just can't muster it up to us it...

Next time, I promise myself not to be so damn cheap and will continue to get my hair done professionally even if I need to get a second mortgage to pay for it! (These pictures were taken in my office... lighting is worth a shit!)

I am trying to figure out if I should take a picture of my hair or not... Um, maybe right before hand... Stay tuned!

END RESULT.... This is what my hair now looks like!! I LOVE IT! But for $130 I better!