Let's pack our bags...

The other night I was on my way home and I got a phone call... When you get home there's some guy coming over from the mortgage company to talk about the house. Mmmm K, what about? I don't know we both have to be home for this. GRREEEAAT, just what I wanna do after work... Listen to some asshole salesman. Ok, so yes I am judging...

So not only am I going to go work out and run to the grocery store, but now I have to bullshit with some finance dude?! Before he came I tell my hubby, maybe the bank wants to buy our house back. That is my wishful thinking because I have wanted to move since the very second we moved into our house. Weird you think, yes... Considering we built it!! Hard to change your mind on a six-figure investment. So hopefully within the next two years we will be building our second house.

I get home and get things ready for dinner... Just as we are about to sit down at the table my doorbell rings. I knew from the very beginning I wouldn't like this guy. I finish up some dishes I was doing and I hear my hubby ask him for identification and etc. Finance guy walks in and has the WORST raspy voice ever!! I sit down on my couch across from this guy and he hands me his business card. I glance at it and notice the word "life" on it. I knew right away that he wanted to sell me life insurance.... Oh great....

He begins his sales pitch.... What do you guys do? Police Officer .... Insurance Agent .... The look on his face was priceless. He knew he was dead in the water before he really got started. He studders asking me do I specialize in anything... I explain what I do and he was still stupid not to get it... How do you pass your state exam without knowing what I do?! My "specialty" is on there!!

So he begins to ask us about our life insurance and stresses about our house being paid off in the event of a death. Well I have had life insurance since I got married and as I have got older I have added more policies to reflect our lifestyle in the event of our passing. So our worth is far more than what we are alive. So this guy's concern was basically pointless. I told him we were taken care of and we don't need insurance on our mortgage. He then left on his merry way. No sale made here... Guess instead of making an ass of yourself in person it'd be easier to call first!

It is now a few days later and my daughter now thinks we are moving in a "couple of days". She has since started to pack her bags for our departure. I guess with us joking around about the bank buying back the house and this guy sitting in my living room for a whole 5 minutes if that gave her the bright idea that we are bailing ship. I have been trying to tell her once we found a new house to build she'd know for sure!! She'd have an even bigger bedroom, that is enticing to a 4-year old!

You may ask how I know this?? Because she snuck up to her room and called grandma and told her what was supposedly happening. She snuck upstairs and called grandma 11 times according to my cell phone!!! The excuse I got for her going there was mom I am going to clean my room! Um, yeah I won't fall for that one anymore!

The imagination and thoughts of a child are amazing... Pretty soon she will be saying she was born in an igloo!

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