American Inventor

The other night I watched a show called American Inventor on ABC...

I can't believe some of these people actually think they are going to make it big with their inventions.

Here's a few...

1. Some guy invented "outfits" for your cars depending on what you were doing or your mood? Um.. ok! This guy had a design for a Chrysler 300M for an outting to the beach or if you were going to a ball game, one with baseballs. Come on now!!

2. Dude tried making a modern day ant farm with beetles, but they looked like roaches. Fucking gross!!

3. Some freakshow invented a garment bag that you can take a piss in in front of anyone... You have the privacy with it over your body and you pee into a plastic bag of sorts. You then roll it up when you are done and carry it on your back until you can dispose of.

4. Edible snowglobes! While this woman was voted through, what dumbass would buy a snowglobe that you can eat??

5. Some guy invented a rubbermaid container to store your shaving products and toilet paper in along with a mirror so men can shave their faces during their morning shit. Imagine how much time you will save?!

Don't get me wrong I can't think of much of anything that I should invent... But there are some things that I have thought of that are now on the market. *sigh*

What is the worst invention you have seen??

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