Piss on you Hanna Montana

I have been brewing about this topic for over a week now and it totally chaps my ass. I found out Hannah Montana the alter ego for Miley Cirus is coming locally in concert. I have been saying since my daughter, Em has fallen in love with her I would take her in a heart beat. Em is obsessed with Hannah Montana. We must watch every episode which is on my TiVo (Season Pass even) and we have her CD's now she must have her clothes... We shall see.

So back to what I was saying... Hannah Montana is coming to concert... I log onto Ticketmaster and am waiting patiently until 10:00AM. I am set and ready to pay for two tickets. I had everything all planned in my head. Santa was going to give her one of the best presents ever. Within 3 minutes, my vision of a Merry Christmas from the coolest Santa was shot. The bandwidth was crazy and Ticketmaster was running at a snail like pace. Yes you read right, at 10:03 every flipping ticket in Quicken Loan Arena was sold out!! I mean this girl is popular, but a sell out crowd within minutes? Um, no... I found out her tickets were sold out after 15 seconds. Is that possible? I mean really... I checked for tickets in Detriot, Pittsburgh and Columbus and it is all the same story, SOLD OUT.

I also found out if you paid whatever fee to her fan club you could get the code for presale tickets... Why? I am not going to pay for a fan club. I never did and never will. These artists make enough money as it is...

I sit here writing this pissed and sad because I can give my child something I really wanted to. I won't pay upwards of $3,000 for one ticket. I love my kid, but not that much.

Piss on you Hannah Montana... There's something fishy going on and it isn't pretty. I hope these lawsuits put your management in their place.

You really are getting the Best of Both Worlds and Nobody's Perfect... *sigh*

If it doesn't get any damned worse... Here are tips from ticket brokers how to get a ticket to her concert. All I have to say is WTF?!