What should I wear to Oprah?

It is now T- minus 3 days before I am under the same roof as Oprah Winfrey. I will actually see her in person. I need to dress to impress even though I will be lost in the sea of her audience. Who knows if the topic will require audience participation. I am a loud mouth and would probably raise my hand for actual bragging rights that I was there. I can't bring in my camera so there goes my chance of taking a snap shot of Lady O. I can't Photo Shop myself in with her giving me a hug or a high five. So I will resort to memories. Hell I have got this far... I am not going back now.

I went shopping specifically for the show. I have nice clothes, but I wanted to look perfect for Oprah. So during my lunch hour I tried on as many clothes as I could and actually found two perfect outfits. One is a purple-ish/pink-ish long sleeve top with steel grey shimmery pants and the other is black pants with a black and cream swirly design. Both are very cute and comfortable. I already know what shoes I am going to wear. I just need to settle on an outfit. It will depend on how I feel.... You know the typical "this makes me look fat". I try to post pics, not sure if I will get pics with me dressed in the clothes as I am pressed for time until I leave.

I can't wait to see what the topic is going to be. My only hope is I am not bawling my eyes out... People I work with keep saying I hope you win something and honestly I am perfectly content with the opportunity to participate in the audience. Whatever happens, happens. I am fortunate enough to be able to go.

All I keep thinking is -- I want to make a good impression. Sometimes under pressure and this is the ultimate pressure I make a total fool of myself... I hold meetings and have presentations, but this is at a grand scale not to mention I am not the one on stage!! Let's just hope I don't walk out of the bathroom with toilet paper on my shoe or sticking out my pants. Then Oprah would deny she ever saw me!

The things die-hard fans go through... I swear. See you soon Oprah!! I never in a million years thought I would say that.