The "other" woman

I have just realized my husband has unofficially married his second wife. The other woman is my daughter, Em. My hubby and I will be talking about husband/wife things in front of her. For example, what I need to do that night, taking the garbage out, running errands, etc. I will discuss with my hubby what I need his help with around the house or what I want to do and just let it go.

Yesterday I was home before Em and I forewarned my hubby. I told him Em will be all over you to take out the garbage. Sure as shit, the first thing she said to him when she got home was "Dad, you need to take out the garbage!". She said it to him repeatedly before and after dinner until we went outside to take it out. The whole time she is nagging him I am laughing.

After we were done with the garbage she wanted him to mow the lawn. I was floored!

I try to be pretty lax and lenient about my honey damn do list, but my daughter is like the warden.

Sharing my hubby with this "other" woman is ok, but I feel bad for her future husband!