Tag, your it!

My friend Donald at Burkean Reflections tagged me and it's been about a month, and I am now getting to it. I will not be tagging anyone else, but just doing it for fun!

Here are the rules:

1. We have to post the rules before we give you the facts. - NO RULES -

2. Players have to list eight random facts/habits about themselves. - SEE BELOW -

3. People tagged also write about eight things and post the rules. - NO TAGGING -

4. At the end of the post, you need to tag eight other bloggers. - NO TAGGING -

Here are my eight facts:

1. I like to shoot guns.

2. I refuse to purchase any other card brand than Hallmark.

3. I am very loyal.

4. I hate to read the comics.

5. I like to speed.

6. I used to be in a marching band, yes I was a band geek.

7. I started college when I was a junior in high school and never finished.

8. I am not afraid to travel alone as long as I have a map, full tank of gas and my cell phone.