Things that make you go hmmmm.....

I have been gathering up some questions in my head when I am out and about and even at home...

  1. Why do really heavy people stock up on diet soda and purchase all kinds of junk in their grocery carts?
  2. Is it treason when the specialized television stations reveal secrets of the US military or law enforcement techniques?
  3. Why is it that some motorists will use their blinkers and leave them on for their entire trip and others won't use them at all? (My car has a dummy alarm and tells me if I have left it on)
  4. Who really wants to see your thong hanging out of your pants? Whale tails aren't hot, really.
  5. While at the movies prior to the previews when the movie theater asks you politley for your silence, they mean it! Don't add your commentary and ruin the ending for everyone else and that means elders too!
  6. Add cell phones to number 5
  7. Don't stand so close to people! We all have our own personal space called a bubble!
  8. How many more reality shows can one come up with? It seems like the trend isn't as popular as it once was. I mean how many seasons of MTV's Real World have there been? I believe they are now on season 19!
What drives you insane?