R.I.P -- B.L.Y. 05/05/08

On May 5th I lost a very special person to me... A very good friend of mine lost her mother to cancer. B was like a mom to me. She was always there whenever I needed someone. She supported me in my life decisions I made. She always welcomed me into her home with open arms and embraced me as another daughter.

B has left behind 3 daughters and 4 granddaughters, family and friends. She was well loved and respected throughout the community. The world has lost a very special person. B has grown wings and will watch over us from above.

I started to write her a letter before she passed telling her how I felt and going over a favorite memory. I couldn't muster it up sending a card to a dying woman because I was praying she would be ok and get through this. And now the letter is sitting on my jump drive and the blank card is sitting in my office with all good intentions. I just hope B truly knows how much I cared and adored her and her love for her children. I do not know how to say good-bye, so I will say - I will see you again.

May you rest in peace, thank you for being you.