All aboard the WiiBoard!

Wow! Time flies! I have been meaning to write now for a week...

I will end up being the last person in the world writing about the WiiFit, but my opinion should matter, right?

We pre-ordered 2 WiiFits from a few months ago. I decided to go through them because they had free shipping (what a bonus nowadays).

They were sitting at our local UPS Tuesday night just waiting to be delivered to us. My hubby was very anxious and I was excited, but it really didn't matter to me. I had all intent to sell the second one on eBay to make $50 or so. I didn't end up posting the second console on eBay, my aunt wants to buy it from me so that's an easy, honest sale without the headache.

Well to the fun stuff... I get home and my hubby had already worked out for the day so it was my turn. This was the funnest I time I had working out in a long time! I have a gym membership and really enjoy working out where I go, but it gets kinda boring.

I turn on the Wii and the program is very "clean and crisp". It sounds kinda stupid, but the backround is white and the music isn't annoying. The WiiBoard is animated and waves to you and has a robotic cutesy voice. So I step on the WiiBoard and while it is a very simple looking piece of equipment to me it is pretty sophisticated. It measures your Body Mass Index (BMI) and your weight. It tells you how skinny or fat you are and your Mii reflects your BMI so mine ended up chubby; then it sets up a goal with you. You have 2 weeks to 6 months to achieve your goal. The WiiFit will also tell you if your goal is actually attainable. Once you are complete weighing in you begin a few tests to check out your balance.

Onto actually playing or uhh... working out. There is a WiiBank. It looks like the toaster from the Brave Little Toaster movie and everything you do has a predetermined time (I assume) and that is put in your bank. So you are truly working out for 30 min when you do this. While it seems like 30 minutes is a lot, really it isn't because you are playing games and working out at the same time!

I am in love with the skiing games. While I have never went skiing a day in my life, I like this. I am warm and I am about an inch off the floor and I know I won't break my leg or arm or something. The hula hooping actually got me to break a sweat. No wonder why children of the 50's were so skinny!

The one thing I don't like is the Yoga pose with your foot up your crotch. That is not something for a fat person. Yoga and fat people just don't mix! But with time I will be able to do the pose comfortably. I enjoy doing the other Yoga poses. They are different and I can actually feel what area of my body it should be working on.

I have lost 5lbs in a week which is always nice, now I just need to keep those pounds off.

This is a very innovative idea to bring fitness to gaming. I could sense something would come along when the Wii came out. It promotes movement of more than your fingers which is why I have only liked this gaming console. The others I could care less for. I like how it creates a different dynamic in the family and when you have friends come over.

I would highly recommend this to anyone. I love it and can't really see the novelty wearing off, at this point. If you see it in the store or on-line, grab it! You won't regret it!