While listening to XM the other day I was listening to the 20 on 20. There was this really stupid song on and I glance over and see it is from the New Kids on the Block. Um, hello?! Didn't they break up like 20 years ago? I heard rumors about them getting back together, but I didn't believe it because it just couldn't be true. Well slap me silly... The New Kids on the Block are back and they are 100 in pop-star years, much like dog years.

They are in competition now with all of these other teen-bands. I know I won't be listening. It sounds bloody awful. I had to turn whatever song they were singing pretty quick. I was getting nauseous listening to it.

I was just in pure shock, and likely the last one to hear them on the radio for the first time... Oh! and get this... they are going on tour! What the hell?!

I am getting old... really fucking old.