Happy Birthday "Dolly"

Five years ago today at 10:11PM you were bore into this world... After 32 hours of labor, I was relieved of the stresses of pregnancy and faced with the fear of being a parent.

Every year gets harder for me to wish you a Happy Birthday as I don't know if I will be given the chance to wish another child or sibling of mine/yours the same wishes. So I look at your milestones as my first and last.

You have been a great child and have made me laugh and cry. You bring out the best in me. I will say after 5 years it hasn't got any harder or any easier. You challenge me and my thought processes daily. You make be proud when you think outside the box. With the way you think, you will get very far in life. Your mind is constantly on overdrive.

Today I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday Em!! May you be all that you aspire to be.

Love you,