Ok, ok... You can squeal now...

I have been wanting to write about this for six months now... For the last six months I was planning a surprise birthday party for my hubby "T". And now it has finally come and gone!!

He just turned 30 this past week and he really wanted to get a Harley for his birthday, but other things are more important as far as financial responsibilites go. And thankfully, he realized that. So, the theme of his party was all motorcycles.

Admittedly, I don't want him to get a bike as I want him to be around for awhile. It scares the total shit out of me when I see men/women on bikes. And I have known a few people who have got injured badly in accidents. So I guess those memories are etched in my mind. I digress, as usual.

In January I told "T", that I would need to save up "X" amount of money by May 31st, but I couldn't tell him what it was for. He bugged me about it for a bit then just let it go and seemingly forgot about it, thank goodness! Then away I began to plan for the party... Two months later "T" says, I don't want a party for my birthday. Um... TOO LATE!

I had two of my girlfriends help me out with the brains to put this thing together. My girlfriend Val helped me put together the wording of the invitation while April helped me find a cheap printer and find good places to order party supplies. Both of them helped me out more than they will know, thank you.

With most of the things I ordered I had to borrow my mother-in-laws credit card and pay for stuff out of her checkbook so my hubby wouldn't know where the money was going. Talk about feeling helpless, but it worked out, thankfully.

My best friend flew in from Wisconsin and we had another quick visit running around town. Errands galore! I put 250 miles on my truck in one day!!! So I was exhausted. My excuse for being gone during one day was we just went shopping. Then the second day we were going to Babies 'R Us to do her baby registry and purchase some items as she is expecting in early October. It was so nice to see her and I am glad she was able to be here!

With all of the build-up of the party, the day of, I woke up sick! I was pissed! I couldn't believe with all of my planning that I couldn't fully enjoy my day that I had worked so hard to for. But I drugged myself up on Sudafed, Benadryl and Tylenol.

I was able to get a good deal on the meat, $1.00 a pound. I didn't get an entire pig as I didn't want to mess with disposing of the carcus. So, we just had very little waste. My hubby's friend George took care of the pig, which tasted very good. Everyone had something good to say about it. So that was nice to hear! And reassuring for next time!

For party favors I made up bags consisting of candy, police whistles and motorcycle magnets that said "Dream on...". For the kids I had a pig pinata filled with about 4 pounds of candy. It was fun as the birthday boy enjoyed himself as well!

All in all, our weather turned out really nice which I can't complain about. When my hubby came to the house, he thought he was going golfing he had a look of "Oh, god" on his face. But he handled it well. He seemed really surprised and happy that I did something for him. I walked up to him and gave him a big hug and had a sudden calm feeling come over me! It was zen-like to finally have all of my secrets washed away, within a single moment.

If I had to do it all over again I would... Thank you everyone for your help! We truly appreciate it!

Here's a picture of "T" and I, enjoying our day!!