Fun day at the zoo

Today we met up with some friends from Michigan to go to the Toledo Zoo. We met up with Val, Luke and Val's three children.

I met Val through my blog as we have some things in common. She lives close to us so we decided to meet and we now have the start of a blooming friendship. We were finally able to meet her long distance boyfriend at my hubby's birthday party. Today we were able to get together with both families to have a good time.

We had sooo much fun. It was a late start as we had prior engagements in the morning. The girls quickly became best of friends giggling and whispering amongst one another. The Toledo Zoo is very pretty, however we didn't see a whole heck of a lot of animals. The landscape and views were very nice though I must say.

We saw, the "Dragon" exhibit which featured most animals with Dragon in their name, polar bears, penguins, cheetas, wolves, and beavers to name a few.

Once we were tired and hungry, we left the Zoo and went to dinner to Chili's. We sat there with our children BS'ing about everything under the sun.

I can't wait to get together again to have a bit of fun!! Thanks Luke and Val!!