Silence Equals Boredom

Today I went into the office to get some things done from when I called in "sick" on Friday. I will digress for a moment... For my hubby's birthday party I was very ill, but pushed through it. For the following week I wanted to call in sick every single day just to relax and try to sleep off my illness. Work prevented me to from doing it. I was so busy I couldn't call off knowing that I had stuff to finish for the following day. This past weekend my hubby was able to get the weekend off. I then decided that I was going to enjoy the day with him on Friday. I had an appointment I had to go to early in the morning and the rest of the day/weekend was ours. I recieved a phone call on Saturday that changed my plans to go back to the office on Monday morning to Tuesday morning.

So I figured I would be a good employee and come in the office and get my work done from Friday. Em and I hopped into my SUV and drove to my office. I told Em as we got onto the elevator that she would have to be good and play so I could get my work done. I sit down at my desk and begin to check e-mails, faxes, and voicemails. I have quite a few faxes to tend to. I have a FedEx package containing a contract I need to execute for the Department of Transportation.

Em starts off trying to entertain herself with her baby... I continue to work, she gets bored. She then starts pulling papers off of my printer interrupting my "flow" of work. I give her some paper and some of my highlighters to "color". She drew me her "Bean People". I love them! They were so colorful in yellow, pink, blue, orange and green. Then she was moving around my chairs trying to re-organize things. There's not much I can change, but um, ok...

It was evident that the silence was driving her nuts. I thought it was cute how she tried absolutley everything to keep her boredom level at a minimum. You never really realize the problem solving skills of a child. That is what makes them a true blessing.