Football and crappy commercials

Last night we had a blast for the Super Bowl! We had our first Super Bowl party. It was so much fun. My hubby made his famous chili and "home made" wings. I made a few dips, cookies and brownies. There was plenty of drinks to go around... Some good friends and some family come over. They played video games until the game started. We missed the first 30 seconds of the game, thank god for TiVo! I was totally shocked the Bears returned the opening kick-off. I guess it could be a curse for football now after the Ohio State / Miami game.

Every Super Bowl I always look forward to the commercials. They are my most favorite thing if I don't like either team. For this particular game I just couldn't bring myself to root for the Bears when they have always been a rival of my favorite team, Green Bay Packers. By default I was rooting for Indianapolis. GO COLTS! Thankfully they won!

The commericals last night were pretty much worth a shit. The Snickers commercial was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. I don't think I can eat a Snickers bar ever again without thinking of that commerical. It's Lady and the Tramp gone bad, REAL bad! The next crappy commercial was the one with the Doritos and the check-out lady. EWWW... Chips are good to snack on, but not that good!

I believe, FedEx, Nationwide and Budwiser had some pretty good commercials. Nationwide took the cake with Kevin Federline. The commercial with the crabs for Budweiser was awesome!! CareerBuilder made up for those freaky monkey commercials this year with a medieval theme of sorts to win promotion and a jungle atmosphere for a review.

All in all it was a crazy game... The rain made for a lot of turn-overs and kept one wondering what the heck was going to happen next. The commercials were mediocre at best.... It sucks the FCC has got in the way of the biggest advertising day in sports. All because of a wardobe malfunction. A nipple fell out... Big freaking deal!!