MY point of view...

All I have heard since 2:30ish yesterday was about Anna Nicole Smith suddenly dying. I didn't think I would write about her or this news, but what the hell.

My first reaction was shock... A reality star, millionaire, Play Boy Bunny(ie??)... What was her celebrity niche? I don't think any of us knew what she was. She was a seemingly crazy woman with a seemingly crazy life. She fit the stereo type of a blonde bimbo. She was such an air head. She whined when she talked. I don't think I have ever heard her talk with confidence anywhere while flipping through channels on the television over the years. Anna Nicole has been all over the damned news for years. Marrying her "grandfather", losing her "grandfather", fighting for billions of dollars for his inheritance... An E! Reality TV show, Trim Spa, her giving birth to her daughter, her son dying suddenly, paternity suits, and now her death.

Some say she had a rough life, I beg to differ... Hell this woman has been newsworthy since she was 26! She hasn't had a hard life. She has had it E-A-S-Y by comparison to those who really have had a rough/hard life.

In a way I believe she's better off... I speculate it was drug abuse, but I could be totally wrong. At least she can be in peace. The only bad thing is now she leaves behind a daughter of 5 months old who is going to go through all of this drama. Her poor little girl is going to have it rough until her paternity is settled, her mothers estate has been planned appropriately, and she has a place to call home.

We all should mourn Anna for a moment, but really focus concern on her daughter... God knows we don't want her turning out to be the typical party celebrities of today.

What if her son Danny is the babies father? It is sick and twisted, but who we are talking about. Is it too ironic that he died after the baby was born and she died as the walls started to cave in? Hmmmm....