Damn weather!

Today I took off of work and with good reason. I was going to take my daughter on my very first field trip as a mom. She has already been on several outings with her school, but this is/was my first chance. Looks like the powers that be had their own plan. It is snowing like crazy here and her field trip has been cancelled. Her school called me about 20 minutes ago and said we are not going to take the kids out. The roads are too bad.

I cried. I have really wanted to be "that mom" to do the fun things with her child and I feel like it has been striped away from me once again. I guess it is true when we are told we cannot control the forces of nature, but if for this once I could I would be the happiest person.

I do have to say snow is much prettier when you are looking at it from the inside all warm and toasty!