New Year, New Beginnings

Last year for the ringing in of 2006 I did more of a year in "review". This year I thought of doing something a bit different...

Today, January 1, 2007, marks a new beginning of a New Year. Not that a strike of the clock will erase away the past, but it does pose the opportunity of a "clean slate". Sometimes we make mistakes and do or say things we do not mean with malice intent. We just spew things out without realizing the ramifications that may be forthcoming in the future. It is human nature not to think before we talk, write or take action in situations.

As I am sure most of us have been guilty of this type of behavior, I have been too. I am not going to make a "resolution" to say I won't do it again, because I can't be a cyborg and be numb to situation. Although I can try to make light of the situation and think before I speak. I hurt a few people very close to me (or so I hope) and I hope they can forgive me and give me the honor to start over again. For a new beginning.

While this was very hard for me to write I feel it necessary to let it out and be known. I have made a mistake and I am letting the world know I am not perfect. I put my pants on the same way everyone else does.

May all of you in 2007 chose your resolutions and new beginnings and follow through with them. Perhaps if we stick to our choices whether it be trying to lose weight, to quit smoking, or be organized we are all creating a new beginning in our repetitive lives. My beginning is a bit more personal and will be more challenging and perhaps more rewarding.

Happy New Year to you and yours and may your 2007 be prosperous and bring you everything you so desire.