Wishes do come true...

The other night we took Em to see Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes. It was part of her Christmas present. I have been going to see Disney on Ice productions for as long as I can remember. I have always loved going. I don't know if it was because of the Disney part or the dream of ice skating like most girls do.

We got a mailing from Ticket Master for a deal on opening night tickets for $12 a piece. I figured hell, we couldn't go wrong for $12. I called to see where in the nosebleeds we would be sitting and much to my surprise the tickets were in the lower part of The "Q" about 10 rows from the ice (click to see here).

I honestly have to say seeing several Disney productions this one was one of the best. The choreography and costumes were really good. I loved the costumes, they were full of color and looked like they took a long time to put together. Disney condensed the story lines and showed how all of the Princesses dreams come true. The part with Ariel and the Little Mermaid was my favorite!

If this production is in your area, I would suggest seeing it. It's well worth it. You and your children will LOVE it!

Here's a picture of Em and I during intermission. We were starting to get tired... but still enjoying ourselves: