Something to ponder...

On my way to work today I was behind a garbage truck. We were stopped at a traffic light. As the light turned green I paused until there was enough room between the truck and myself. As I looked up into the horizon I notice a huge black cloud billowing out of the exhaust pipe (smoke stack). I began to think... Yes, that can be a scary thought.

As the smoke continues to rise in our environment I began to wonder... Here we have a garbage truck picking up our trash and polluting our air with these fumes. There are so many articles about landfills and the trash collected here in America And you'd think for one second with all of the environmentalists that someone would think of an air friendly trash collection vehicle. We have diapers wasting away for 100 years until they decompose and all kinds of crap bleeding into our Earths core.

I am no preacher of Mother Nature, but it hit me all of a sudden. Have I opened a can of worms?