I love Wii!

For Christmas my hubby got the new Nintendo Wii. My girlfriend and her husband that came to visit us over the holidays also have it. My girlfriend, Amy, was raving about the game and how much she loved it. I was floored, much like her I dispise video games. They are very sedentary and promote zero motivation other than using for fingers for hours on end. The only accomplishment you have is moving forward to the next level.

After I figured out how to use the new controller for the sports game I myself was in love. This game makes you get off your ass and actually motion to play the game (golf, tennis, boxing, baseball and bowling). I am really enjoying the golf and tennis games. I can honestly say that my heart beats a little faster I get very excited. I start to talk trash to my own television to my opponents much like I did while playing sports in high school.

If you are sick and tired of your spouse or children playing the games that keeps them glued to their seat. Spend the $250 to get the Wii. You won't regret it! It is a great conversation piece and a great investment.

Above is my character or Mii. You can personalize what it looks like to represent you. It's fun!

Go here to see what it's like to create a Mii. It's very similar to the actual game. Have fun!