Newest Obsession

During the holiday season I found a new *love*... Sierra Mist - Cranberry Splash. PepsiCo unveiled this seasonal drink for eight weeks. I bought a 20oz bottle and my taste buds were instantly in heaven.

Two days before Christmas I looked at the grocery store for some more to have around the house. The grocery store didn't have any more left, so I went back the day after Christmas to see if they received any shipments while I was shopping. I was told they would not be receiving anymore of this product.

I ended up calling the local Pepsi distributor asking if I could buy some off the floor. They didn't have any at that location, but another location in Greater Cleveland who did some of the manufacturing may have some. I called them and they had 1,100 "units" left. Once they have been distributed, they are all gone.

Once I thought all hope was lost, I went to some smaller gas stations and mom/pop grocery stores. I was in Sierra Mist heaven. I was able to purchase eight (8) 2 liters; which will last me a LONG time.

It is rumored this product will come back as a permanent flavor... One can only hope... And hopefully I don't get sick of it in the meantime.

Absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, but makes your taste buds grow fonder too!